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Radiation Shielding – The optimal radiation protection boards

Radiation Shielding Panels are required when a construction must provide optimal protection against radiation.

At Excel, we manufacture two variations – Lead bonded to plasterboard and Lead bonded to Plywood. To ensure a safe environment is delivered, it is imperative that you to seek advice from a Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) before any installation is carried out. They will provide advice on the required thickness of the lead and the best construction for optimal radiation protection.

  • Bonded to MegaExcel – High strength & fire-resistant
  • Lead used is BS EN 12588 compliant
  • Lead used has at least 99.77% purity
  • 50mm Lead strips also available to achieve a complete seal
  • Predominantly used in Radiography rooms
Radiation Shielding – Optimal radiation protection boards