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Accessories, Fixtures & Fittings

We can supply all of the necessary fixtures & fittings to support the fixing process for any of our panel products

  • Folded Steel Angles | We can supply a range of profiles to complement & be fitted in conjunction with our bonded steel panels. Angles can be produced up to 4m in length on our in house guillotine & press brake.
  • Compounds | We offer a large selection of compounds that have been developed to meet specific requirements and conditions at time of application. Compounds can be combined in numerous permutations each offering high-quality surface finishes.
  • Skimming | A traditional skimming plaster finish provides a surface ready to be decorated and is an alternative to taping and jointing in certain applications. It is particularly suitable to cover surface imperfections and where drying out time is not a constraint.
  • Corner and Angle Edge Beads | To ensure a true right-angle edge finish on plasterboard walls, angle edge beading is applied. This beading strengthens the corners of plasterboard wall edges at 90o angles, and provides a supportive corner edge for the plaster mix at these points. Archbead is an alternative flexible support which allows for curving and special designs.
  • Taping and Jointing System | Drywall systems require taping and jointing to complete the wall surface, reinforce joints to prevent cracking, and ensure fire and sound performances are achieved. Each board manufacturer provides their own unique taping and jointing system which is only compatible with their product. Please contact us to discuss further.
  • Metal Stud & Track | We supply stud and track systems for fast track construction of walls and partitions, complete with all the necessary fixings, brackets and resilient bars.
  • Style Trims Edging and Profile | Excel hold large quantities of various plastic trims and profiles to complement our wide range of finished products. Please contact us to discuss further.
  • Screws | Self-tapping, high thread, self-drilling, pan head, wafer head, are just a few of the screw fixings that we stock. In some cases, we can arrange to have these collated for use with auto feed drywall fixing tools. We can also advise which type of screw best suits the board and the recommended spacing of fixings per square meter.
  • Sealers, Adhesives & Finishes | Coving, bonding compounds, wall lining adhesives, sealants, mastic guns, and a vast array of finishing compounds and tapes are available from Excel and can be ordered with the boards as part of our convenient multi-service operation.
Accessories, Fixtures & Fittings