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A modular lining system that doesn’t cost the earth

Eco6 is an extremely robust, hard-wearing and fire-resistant 6mm gypsum panel. Its outstanding technical performance and eco credentials make Eco6 a product that is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects in the modular industry.

Eco6 Modular

Safe | Sound-resistant | Sustainable

Eco6 has been developed in the UK by Excel and Siniat as a superior and sustainable replacement for plywood in modular buildings. The innovative panels have a high-density glass fibre reinforced core, tough paper liners, and a range of decorative, washable finishes to choose from.

As well as being a high-performance lining product for new builds, the lightweight Eco6 is also ideal for modular refurbishments to overclad existing linings whilst improving the fire, sound and thermal performance of a unit.

Fire Rated

  • BS 476 pt 7 Class 1
  • BS 476 pt 6 Class O
  • Euroclass A2

Excel can provide fire assessments based on specific design detail on application

What is Gypsum?

Although gypsum is a naturally occurring mineral, Eco6 uses the gypsum generated as a harmless by-product of many industrial processes or from power station waste. This innovative waste product utilisation means that Eco6 can claim to be manufactured from 98% recycled materials.

The Benefits of Eco⁶

Excel and Siniat have developed the Eco⁶ product with a unique range of features and advantages:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Stable price - unaffected by currency fluctuation
  • Consistently available
  • Fire rated to British & European Standards
  • No harmful substances
  • Non-toxic
  • BES6001 Responsible Sourcing Category - Very Good
  • Low carbon release
  • No VOC Emissions
  • Recycled Content & Recyclable
  • Good sound attenuation
  • Can be cut with a knife (score & snap)
  • Sustainable
  • REACH classified non-hazardous

What Our Clients Say

Garic specify Eco6 because, as a market leader, we have a responsibility to our customers to procure responsibly sourced key materials wherever we can. Eco6 enables us to eliminate tropical hardwood plywood from our unit linings whilst also providing many additional benefits to our customers, such as greater fire resistance, noise attenuation & thermal efficiency.

Eco6 is made in the UK and helps us to deliver on our commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of our site accommodation; we would not hesitate to recommend it.

Steve Ogden
Production Manager Garic


The product is easy to handle and fit in large quantities in our factory and is a preferred choice of many of our customers since we introduced the product as an option as it is strong and durable with good thermal and fire resistant properties when compared to other products.

Ian Ashworth
Product Manager Stackright


The Eco6 product has been a great addition to the specification of our fleet at Mobile Mini. Eco6 offers excellent thermal performance without the weight and density of the traditional 12mm plasterboard used in most eco situations. This makes our accommodation units warmer, lighter and easier to maintain.

Dave McIntosh
Product & Technical Advisor Mobile Mini

About Excel & Siniat

Excel is an independent family-run business and we take great pride in providing an unrivalled level of commitment to our customers. We continuously invest in our people, our plant and our products to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of service.

Our partnership with Siniat has led to the development of Eco6 with its outstanding technical performance. Siniat form part of the global Etex group, manufacturing drywall products for partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing purposes. By forming key partnerships we are able to consistently deliver high-performance solutions.