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Excel see double with modular ward expansion

If you’re thinking ‘I’ve seen this building somewhere before’ then you’re right! There’s already an identical one right next door.

Excel’s multi-coloured CladEx panels were used by Cotaplan to complete the Phase 4 Kingsford Unit project in November 2017. The new double storey modular building will provide extra ward accommodation at East Surrey Hospital.

CladEx panels were used on the original 21-bed modular decant ward back in June 2015. Excel were approached towards the end of 2017 to provide the same Wedgewood Blue, Merlin Grey and White CladEx panels for a new ward expansion to go alongside the existing building. By using CladEx, Cotaplan have achieved a neater finish as the interlocking joint eliminates the need for unsightly T-section cover trims. Resulting in a sleek, modern building that the customer wanted to replicate further down the line.